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Welcome to Crom in Flames!

-Lleilwin- / May 17, 2015
Heyhey all, and welcome to the Crom in Flames RP project!

The purpose of this website is to coordinate and RP plots and storylines with OOC communication
It is also the purpose to act like a sandbox, where the RPer agree or disagree with the general lay-of-the-land

And we before we begin an announcement from our sponsor

1) RESPECT REIGNS SUPREME. If any member is seen as being disrespectful in any way shape or form, such as in-game, in character, or forum-based griefing disciplinary action will be taken. IC-conflict between consenting characters, however, is quite acceptable in the name of RP.

2) HAVE FUN! The purpose of RP is to bring life to the server, -igniting- a rebirth of RP/RP-PvP

3) Maturity. All members are expected to, in all cases, handle their disputes or discussions like adults. All members will also be required to treat other members as adults. If a problem needs to be discussed, please do not voice them to the community without first voicing them to a respected official of your guild.

Thanks, now lets get to the goodies!
Register and remember to tell which guild, if any, you belong to.



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